Narsai Workshop (June 22-23, 2017)

Narsai: Rethinking His Work and His World

June 22-23, 2017, Brigham Young University

Organizers: Kristian Heal, Aaron Butts, Robert Kitchen.

Narsai achieved significant status in his intellectual world, first as a teacher and then as head of the School of the Persians in Edessa, and, after his expulsion, as the founder of the School of Nisibis. A subtle thinker and a careful reader, he drew creatively and distinctively on the intellectual currents flowing into fifth-century Edessa.

Participants in this workshop will rethink the work and world of Narsai, including those that consider individual memre; themes that run through Narsai’s work; Narsai’s historical, literary and cultural context; Narsai’s biblical hermeneutics; the poetics of Narsai; manuscript and textual studies; Narsai’s theology; Narsai and early Syriac pedagogy; and the reception of Narsai’s work and thought in the later East Syriac tradition.