About the Project

The BYU-Oxford University Syriac Corpus Project aims to prepare a large corpus of annotated Syriac texts using machine assisted annotation systems. Texts will be annotated with grammatical information, linked to one or more dynamic lexica, and made freely accessible, both to researchers and as open linked data to project partners.


Project Team & Partners


Dr. David Taylor (University of Oxford)

Project Directors

Dr. Kristian Heal (Maxwell Institute, BYU)

Prof. Eric Ringger (Computer Science, BYU)

Dr. David Taylor (University of Oxford)

Computer Assisted Annotation Development

Prof. Deryle Lonsdale (Linguistics, BYU)

Prof. Eric Ringger (Computer Science, BYU)

Prof. Kevin Seppi (Computer Science, BYU)

Current Student Associates

Paul Felt (MS, PhD Student, Computer Science, BYU)

Kevin Black (MS Student, Computer Science, BYU)

Past Student Associates

James Carroll (PhD, Computer Science, BYU)

Marc Carmen (MA, Linguistics, BYU)

Robbie Haertel (PhD, Computer Science, BYU)

Peter McClanahan (MS, Computer Science, BYU)

Contributing Partners

Prof. Stephen Kaufman, The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon

Dr. George Kiraz, Gorgias Press & Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute.

Profs. Bas Romeny & Wido Van Peursen, The Leiden Peshitta Institute.

Prof. Michael Sokoloff (Bar Ilan), Syriac Lexicon

Strategic Partners

Prof. David Michelson, The Syriac Reference Portal

Publications and Presentations


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