About the Project

The collaboration between BYU and the Vatican Library began in 1999 thanks to the initiative of a Bishop of the Assyrian Church of the East. The idea that sparked the project and fuels it to this day is providing greater access to the manuscript patrimony of the ancient Syriac churches. The first phase of the project is briefly described here, and resulted in the first volume in the series Syriac Manuscripts from the Vatican Library. The current phase of the project involves digitizing and publishing a further 80 manuscripts, described here.


Project Director

Dr. Kristian S. Heal (Brigham Young University)

Advisory Board

Prof. Pier Giorgio Borbone (Università di Pisa)

Prof. Françoise Briquel-Chatonnet (CNRS)

Dr. Sebastian Brock (University of Oxford)

Dr. J.F. Coakley (University of Cambridge)

Dr. Andreas Juckel (University of Münster)

Prof. John Lamoreaux (Southern Methodist University)

Prof. Craig Morrison (Pontifical Biblical Institute)

Dr. Delio V. Proverbio (Vatican Library)

Prof. Bas Ter Haar Romeny (Leiden University, and the Leiden Peshitta Institute)

Prof. Columba Stewart OSB (Hill Museum and Manuscript Library, St. John’s University)

Dr. David Taylor (University of Oxford)

Prof. Lucas Van Rompay (Duke University)