Manuscript Descriptions

Borgia Syriac

VBS 128    Homilies and Apocryphal works on Mary and other subjects (1720).

Vatican Syriac

VS 37    West Syrian liturgical texts, lives of saints, and calendars (17th C).

VS 42    East Syrian Euchologion (1202 A.D.).

VS 59    West Syrian funeral services (1266 A.D.).

VS 68    West Syriac Beth Gazza and other liturgical texts (1465 A.D.)

VS 83    East Syrian Hudra (1538 A.D.).

VS 92    Hymns and canticles On the Burial of the Dead (823 A.D.).

VS 93    Monastic anthology (823 A.D.)

VS 110  Commentary on Genesis and Exodus by Ephrem the Syrian (523 A.D.)