Emily Bateman

Emily Bateman worked with Dr. Heal on the history of Birmingham University’s Mingana Syriac collection, which is the last great Syriac manuscript collection physically assembled in Europe and North America. The collection was gathered by Alphone Mingana between 1924 and 1937, when he died. Emily helped to prepare an annotated transcription of the correspondence relating to this collection. This project explores the social and intellectual networks that facilitated the growth of Syriac studies in the United Kingdom and North America during the beginning of the 20th century. The outcomes include a full transcription of the correspondence and a glossary giving biographical, geographical and historical information relating to the correspondents and the contents of the letters. Through this project Emily learned to work with archival sources, learned the standards of documentary editing, researched aspects of early 20th century social and intellectual history, and helped to prepare a publishable glossary to the collection.